Special Games

by LDA
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This engaging book is a truly flexible resource, suitable for all ages and abilities. It contains a wide variety of games that may be played in many different settings. Being involved in these special games will help to uplift the players, make them feel part of a team and allow them to release energy safely, enabling them to calm down.

The book’s split-page design allows teachers and facilitators rapidly to plan appropriate and exciting sessions tailored to each group’s needs on every occasion. Choose from a wide range of games in three categories: warm-up, more interactive, energetic, and calming. Each game may be played in less than five minutes, and any combination may be used to make a rewarding session.

For players, these games are often the highlight of the school day. These games will:

• develop non-cognitive skills as well as boost emotional literacy and self-esteem

• promote cooperation, positive interaction and enjoyment in the company of others

• gain participants’ attention quickly and calm down a fractious group with ease.

Betty Rudd is a specialist teacher and chartered counselling psychologist. She has many years’ experience in the therapeutic use of cooperative drama games and was part of the team that brought Circle Time to the UK. She has published multiple books and games and offers lectures and workshops across the UK.


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