Geomag Education Set 225 Mechanics

by Geomag
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Developed for 1 group. Age: 10+
Geomag Mechanics is aimed at pupils aged 10 years and up. Set contains 60 rods, special polarity indicator rods, 64 spheres, compass roses and 84 Geomag Mechanics accessories plus 40 cards divided into two select languages.
This exciting resource introduces learners to the concepts of magnetism embracing the following topics:

1. Magnetic polarities
2. Making a compass
3. Accumulation of polarities
4. 2D and 3D shapes
5. Structures & engineering
6. Utilising magnetic push and pull forces
7. Creating rotational movement
8. Driving movement through magnetism
9. Simple electric motors

The set is designed to be a practical hands-on resource that lets pupils experiment and engineer in a safe and progressive environment.

This is further facilitated through the use of easy to comprehend pupil
work cards. Downloadable Pupil worksheets with separate Teacher’s Guide help assess understanding of concepts and topics covered.

This comprehensive kit is ideal for gaining an understanding of complex subjects in a practical and engaging classroom solution.

The set is presented in a practical and compact international Gratnells
SmartCase® designed to facilitate good classroom management.


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