ACE Spelling Activities

by LDA
Includes VAT (23%) of €5,61 supplies one of the best dictionaries on the market, we are happy to present the Ace Spelling Activities to the pupils, teachers and Schools of Ireland.

ACE Spelling Activities is designed to be used with the ACE Spelling Dictionary. It provides a framework for all learners to get to grips with phonics and the English spelling system. While especially valuable for dyslexic pupils, this resource is designed to improve spelling and writing performance on a whole-school basis through fun activities like crosswords, puzzles and games.

With over 100 photocopiable activities for individual, pair, group and whole-class work, this revised second edition of the ACE Spelling Activities fully covers the statutory spelling lists for the National Curriculum for English for KS2. Activities cover tricky word endings, spellings for sounds, searching for patterns and more. A new Slippery Characters section focuses on 240 frequently misspelt words between 5 and 13 letters in length, providing the opportunity to correct misspellings that could otherwise persist for a lifetime. The resource also includes sections on how to teach and practise spellings.

Contains 150 photocopiable pages. 297 × 210 mm. Age suitability: 7 years +


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