Hollow Blocks 14 Piece

by LDA
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The 14 piece intricate set will enhance the larger 26 piece set and help build even more elaborate structures!

These large, hollow, wooden, Galt building blocks have an almost limitless play and construction possibilities. Whilst providing an inventive and exciting outlet for energetic play, they contribute to the development of physical attributes, strength and stimulate active minds.

Walls, houses, ships, castles, towers, walkways and ramps are just a few of the endless possible creations. Each block is made of high-quality wood which has been securely screwed and glued. The regulated size of each piece enables children to build stable structures.  

Contains 4 cubed circles, 2 triangles, 4 half circles and 4 semi-circles. Size of largest block: L280 x H280 x W140mm. Size of smallest block: L280 x H140 x W140mm.


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