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How to Identify and Support Children with Speech and Language Difficulties

This book offers a straightforward guide to identifying children affected by speech and language difficulties, and a wealth of practical advice to support those working with them. It incorporates the Afasic checklists.

This book will:

• give you an overview of the various types of speech and language difficulties

• help you to spot the child with difficulties and show you what to look out for

• offer clear guidance on when to refer to speech and language therapy for assessment

• clarify the various roles played by education and health service professionals and parents – and how to work together for effective support

• give you practical ideas for supporting the child in the classroom and strategies for tackling specific areas of difficulty.

Contains photocopiable resources plus ideas and materials for in-service training.

Paperback. Contains 72 A4 pages.

Jane Speake is a lead practitioner of speech and language therapy, and manages the speech and language therapy services in Cambridge and Huntingdon. She was named the winner of the NHS Quality Champion Award at the East of England NHS Leadership Awards in 2013.

Contents include: Introduction. What are speech and language difficulties? Identifying children with speech and language difficulties. Supporting roles. Strategies for support. Resources.


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