Paper Chains Phonics Set 2

by LDA
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Paper chains is a fantastic resource that enables children at the early stages of reading to make use of their emerging phonic skills in a fun and non-threatening way.The simple games can take only a few minutes, are completely self-checking and can be played by a child on their own or with a partner. Ideal for struggling readers of all ages, the games are carefully graded to help teach basic phonic skills to pupils experiencing literacy difficulties. Each set contains 12 games (96 playing cards) and teachers notes, all stored in a handy plastic wallet.

This set covers simple CVC words and initial/final consonant clusters, including digraphs.

How to play

• Within each pack there are 12 games using eight cards each.

• Take one set of eight cards from the pack (the game number is shown at the top and bottom of the card).

• Lay out all eight cards in front of you in any order, with the coloured pictures (including the arrow) facing up.

• First, turn over the card with the arrow and read the clue word.

• Find the card with the picture to match the clue word, turn it over and lay it on top of the first card.

• Repeat with each card until all the cards are in one pile and the last card turned over shows a ?.

• The ? appears at the end of the game to show you have answered correctly.


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