Advanced ACE Spelling Pocket Dictionary

by LDA
Includes VAT (23%) of €4,67 supplies one of the best dictionaries on the market, we are happy to present the Ace Dictionary to the pupils, teachers and schools in Ireland.

The Advanced ACE Spelling Dictionary is designed for everyone who needs to check spellings quickly, no matter how skilled they are. As a companion volume to the ACE Spelling Dictionary, it retains all the assets of the standard Dictionary, along with some added extras.

The Advanced ACE Spelling Dictionary is smaller and more transportable than the standard Dictionary, easy to carry from lesson to lesson, making for a more compact and subtle reference guide for older users.

This pocket-sized dictionary links vowel sounds with colours. The vocabulary is extensive and up-to-date, and this second edition has over 600 new words added, many of them to extend word ‘families’. A colour distinction is made between high-frequency core vocabulary and lower-frequency, more specialised vocabulary up to degree level.

Using the unique ACE Spelling Index, users need only think about how a word sounds to find out how to spell it. By simply identifying the first vowel sound, the speller is directed to the page where the problem word is found. As with the ACE Spelling Dictionary, both spelling patterns and irregularities are highlighted so that users learn to spell incidentally.

The Dictionary is ideal for first- and second-language users as the unique ACE Index takes you directly from speech to spelling.

Contains 578 pages. 114 × 162 mm.


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