Target Ladders Autistic Spectrum

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'Target Ladders: Autistic Spectrum enables both non-specialist teachers and SENCos to identify appropriate learning goals for independent learning, to adapt the suggested strategies or ideas for their own pupils, and to begin to impact on the way in which children on the autistic spectrum access the school curriculum in order to close the gap between these children and their peers.



Target Ladders: Autistic Spectrum identifies seven areas of difficulty:


• Social interaction: friendships

• Social interaction: relationships

• Getting attention

• Managing change

• Personal organisation

• Managing feelings

• Non-verbal interaction.



These are then broken down further into Target Ladders, with suggested activities and strategies offering classroom-friendly ideas so you can support the child to meet their target.


About the author

Louise Nelson has been a SENCo and is now an Outreach Teacher for children on the Autistic Spectrum and a Lead Practitioner for Inclusion. She works in mainstream schools offering practical advice and strategies to help teachers create learning opportunities that benefit all children.


Series editor

Kate Ruttle is a Lead Practitioner for Inclusion and a SENCo and deputy head in a primary school in Suffolk. Kate delivers training courses in the UK and internationally and is a widely respected literacy consultant. She is the author of numerous books, including Target Ladders: Dyslexia and Target Ladders: Dyscalculia.'


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