Dance Around the World Big Book

by Enlighten Press
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Dance is an ancient form of creative expression, used in rituals, to tell stories and mark major events in many cultures. Let’s find out how people all around the world use dance to express themselves and to celebrate the ceremonies and festivals of their cultures.


Children are fascinated with the clothes and customs of children in other countries. The big book format of Dance Around the World is perfect for class discussions of dance, celebrations, and customs of other countries. In our multicultural classrooms, when children are able to recognise, identify with and share the celebrations which are part of their lives, it promotes understanding and tolerance for the diversity in our communities.


Dance Around the World has engaging colour, full-page photographs with simple text suitable for the Early Years and Lower Primary Classrooms.


Learning outcomes 


  • Multiculturalism
  • Religion
  • Belonging
  • Social awareness
  • Self-appreciation & self-awareness
  • Indigenous people around the world
  • Celebrations
  • Community
  • Festivals
  • Cultural comparison
  • Cultural competency
  • Arts culture
  • Expression
  • Physical wellbeing
  • Free downloadable teachers' notes with curriculum links provide scaffolding and help teachers to design a learning experience


Large format A3 sized big book, 297mm x 420mm - 22 pages.

Quality, high thickness paper. Laminated throughout for extra durability.

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