How to Identify and Overcome Handwriting Difficulties

by LDA
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Handwriting is a complex perceptual and motor skill which does not always develop spontaneously but requires careful guidance and practice. Despite advances in technology, handwriting remains an important means of helping children compose and structure their ideas.

Difficulties in this area can have an adverse effect on all aspects of the child’s learning and self-esteem.

The book gives teachers and SENCos, for children at Key Stages 1 to 3, an understanding of how pupils’ handwriting skills develop and what to do when pupils struggle to produce legible handwriting.

It provides practical strategies to alleviate difficulties such as poor grip, posture, pressure through the writing medium, letter formation and orientation, alignment on the page, spacing, sizing, fluency and speed. It will also suggest when to use technology as a form of written communication." Comes with book and CD.


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