Messy Table

by Timotay
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This hands-on messy activity table is a great way to encourage messy and exploratory play! Whether it is a mud-pie making station, or potion making station or carefully investigating mini-beasts or insects – this messy table is highly versatile.

Combining the core values of simplicity and cost-consciousness, our innovative-focussed designers have crafted a collection that promises the best of both worlds. The Budget Busting Range boasts a selection of our renowned products, streamlined and optimised to be budget-friendly, alongside some exciting new additions to spark children’s imaginations

Learning aims:

  • Promotes creative and messy play
  • Encourages construction play
  • Supports the ability to play independently
  • Practices concentration skills
  • Fosters curiosity, imagination, and exploration

Please note:
Approximate Dimensions: 1220mm (L) x 500mm (W) x 612mm (H)

This item is Free-Standing.

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