Number Board 100 Frame

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The Number Board 100 frame is made from a soft durable EVA material. 

The frame is double-sided, numbered 1 to 100 on one side with a multiplication board on the opposite. 

The 100 frame helps students to relate given numbers to 100 by providing a visual image.

The strips may be filled from left to right so students can learn to subitise, add and multiplication.


They are designed to be compatible with School Store's connect-a-cubes and pegs, just like the popular Number Board.

The 100 frame Number Board is ideal for hands-on learning and for special education needs. 


Use the Number Board with our Teacher's Guides books 1 and book 2 to make the most from the 100 frame. 

Use the frames with our software that can be used on a computer or interactive whiteboard. 

Pay by invoice option available.

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