Time to Talk Game

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The Time to Talk game is a fun and accessible way of helping younger children improve their receptive and expressive language, listening skills, self-esteem and awareness of their own and others’ feelings. It is centred around Ginger Bear, her friends and family and is designed to complement the Time to Talk book. It is easily adaptable and can serve as an introduction to these key areas for younger children, or provide an entertaining way to improve communication skills in older children who are struggling with their social interactions. Children have the opportunity to perform a variety of role-play activities, practise everyday actions, explore emotions and provide information about themselves. Through these fun tasks they learn vital social skills including: listening, turn-taking, asking and answering questions, engaging in basic conversation, non-verbal communication, eye contact and understanding feelings. Ideal for 2–4 players. Approximate playing time 20–30 mins.


Contains game board, 96 question cards, 4 Ginger Bear jigsaws, 4 playing pieces, a die and 8-page teacher’s notes.


Age suitability: 4 years +.


Author Alison Schroeder is a speech & language therapist and primary school teacher who has written a number of social skills and language resources including The Friendship Formula, Socially Speaking and Time to Talk. She has over 19 years’ experience of working with children with language and communication difficulties and specialises in the area of social communication.


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