Train Space Divider | KIDDIDIVIDER Set of 4

by Addgards
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Bright colourful room dividers, set of 4 comes with a red engine and 3 different colour carriages. Sets are supplied assembled with snap on hinges to connect to more panels or sets.

Range of accessories available, gates, wall posts, posts and foot-bases to create your own designated area.



Standard Set – 1 Red Engine and 3 Carriages in Blue, Yellow and Green

Engine – 1mt wide x 900mm High x 40mm.  Weight: 4.5 kg
Carriage – 1mt wide x 850mm High x 40mm. Weight 4kg

Free Standing Posts  Complete with optional floor fixings and snap hinges to connect to train panels.  Each post is filled with sand for extra stability.
Wall Posts  – Complete with Wall Fixings and snap hinges to connect to train panels.
Foot Base  – Recommended when dividers are used in a long straight line.

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