Unifix Cube Pack 500

by LDA
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Children learn best when they can see and feel; and Unifix® cubes help them to make connections between numbers in a more memorable manner. Connecting together on two opposing sides, Unifix® cubes help children to explore and understand mathematical concepts in a fun, practical way; engaging their learning in a wide range of mathematical concepts including: one-to one correspondence, basic number operations, fractions and place value. Use Unifix® to help children to conceptualise addition, subtraction and fractions in a visual, concrete way. They can be used alone or combined with Unifix® trays and pattern cards to enhance teaching about symmetry.

You’ll be ‘fix’ated with this resource!

What's In the Box?

  • Pack of 500 Unifix® Cubes, in 10 different colours
  • Practical and tactile. Your pupils will love engaging with this equipment. Perfect for little hands to manipulate - simply put them together and pull them apart!  Unifix® cubes are made from durable, wipeable plastic and are easy to transport and store around school. 
  • Unifix® cubes are proven to increase pupils' understanding of abstract mathematical concepts and can help to promote independence and improvement in reasoning/problem-solving skills. They can be used flexibly alongside your existing resources (such as Multilink®, Base 10 and/or Numicon®).
  • Ideal for children of every ability and across Stage 1 & Stage 2 of the new maths curriculum. You can use Unifix® cubes for mastery, as well as to bridge gaps in mathematical learning and understanding - the perfect resource for small group work and/or maths intervention!

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