Value Musical Chimes

by Timotay
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Soothing musical chimes bring music to any playground, sensory garden or outdoor space. A set of six chimes mounted on a robust free-standing treated timber frame. Supplied with two beaters.

Our entire value range of treated timber frame products, which helps to prolong the life of the timber post and protects it from rot and damage caused by grass cutting. Combining the core values of simplicity and cost-consciousness, our innovative-focussed designers have crafted a collection that promises the best of both worlds.

The Budget Busting Range boasts a selection of our renowned products, streamlined and optimised to be budget-friendly, alongside some exciting new additions to spark children’s imaginations

Learning aims include:

• Intellectual, social and emotional development
• Calming and soothing play
• Practice self-expression
• Strengthen memory skills, repeat melodies and rhythms
• Approximate dimensions: 590 x 450 x 885mm (L x W x H)

Please note:

This product is  a musical item (not tuned)

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