Visual Memory Skills

by LDA
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Visual Memory skills are so important in the classroom context: they are an essential element of reading, spelling and retaining all sorts of information. This book will be a fantastic resource to boost children’s visual recall skills, and therefore their ability to effectively access the curriculum. Children will love the imaginative tasks, and won’t even realise they are practising this important skill as they work through these challenging activities. The book is divided into handy sections, each of which is designed to improve a different aspect of visual memory, such as remembering objects, object details and elements of objects like colour and pattern.

The second part of the book explores sequential memory for objects, letters and digits; and object details such as orientation and size. The book focuses on higher order skills as it progresses, and the tasks become increasingly challenging within each section. This enables children either to work through the book in order or to pinpoint a particular section they wish to focus on.

Containing 48 pages of appealing activities, this book is ideal for children aged 4+ and older children with particular needs in this area. It is a perfect companion to Auditory Memory Skills, written by the same author. Contains 48 A4 pages. Practical Pre-school award.


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