Why Do I Feel...? Emotions 6 Lapbook Set

by Enlighten Press
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Our special edition 6 book set of emotional wellbeing books features a glossary, questions for positive engagement, and holistic teaching using science with positive psychology.

In this series, we approach emotions from a revolutionary perspective by empowering children with an understanding of physical responses to emotions and the thought processes that create them.

We can learn to listen to our emotions and observe our physiological responses which have evolved biologically to serve our ability to navigate life on Earth. Why is my heart racing? Why are my muscles tense? How might this response be useful to us as humans?  We learn to listen to our emotions and look for the messages they might be sending us knowing that our emotions can guide us to safety and to discovery.

Each book features an emotional vocabulary to support understanding the varied intensity and experience of emotions we each have. We explore thought traps and consider the ways we might experience an emotion based on a mistake or assumption. And lastly, we learn how to find a better feeling thought, from wherever we are, in a way that practices acceptance and self-validation of our emotions.


This special edition 6 book set focuses on the spectrum of feelings within the 6 key emotions. 


Includes titles:


  • Why do I feel fear?
  • Why do I feel embarrassed?
  • Why do I feel sad?
  • Why do I feel angry?
  • Why do I feel bored?
  • Why do I feel happy?


Learning outcomes


  • Emotional awareness
  • Emotional vocabulary
  • Normalise and accept the emotional experience
  • Brain-body connection (basic understanding of neural impulses)
  • Discerning the physical feelings of emotions
  • Learn to question personal conclusions
  • Develop a repertoire of self-soothing thoughts
  • Empathy
  • Positive self-talk
  • Identity 
  • Interconnectedness
  • Inclusivity 
  • Respect


Use these titles as a companion to our shared reading books, Why do I feel..? Big Book and My World of Emotions Big Book.




6 titles

235mm x 235 mm

22 pages


Questions for positive engagement

Simple one photo and one sentence per page for early readers

Parent resource

Holistic teaching

Downloadable teachers' notes to design your learning experience

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